Welcome to Growing Old Greyfully my blog about stuff that happens in your 40’s


Well hello there! Thank you so much for popping by to my little sofa of the internet. I love, tea, coffee, food and most things actually.


Putting my thoughts about my 40’s out there along with laughter lines, grey hair and the odd filter (see above).

Stuff and Fings

I started a hashtag on Insta and it’s doing quite well. If you want to join in, take a pic, post on ista and hashtag #mwahtomonday.

“Start with the end in mind.”

“Keep it simple stupid.”

Two of my favourite quotes.

You’ll see I love a good quote.

And also a good book……..

About Me

I started this blog whilst getting to grips with my grey hair as I couldn’t dye it due to a PPD allergy.

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