8 of the best blogs, books & sites to help you with your blog.

I have been a fan of blogs for a long time, I have started a few and stopped writing a few. This time when I started a blog I wanted to continue. I really want to stick at it and keep it going, so I have been looking for inspiration, help and guidance to see what makes a good blog and to keep blogging.

I have came across a wealth of people inspiring bloggers in different ways and to help you with your blog, from getting it started to keeping it going. Here are my top 8 helpful books etc that have inspired me, helped me plan and now, commit to blogging.

1.Million Dollar BlogBook by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This book is a really good place to start, Natasha informs you all about blogging with great interviews with seasoned bloggers from all different types of businesses. Some great tips on how to make money from of your blog too.

2. Girl CodeBook by Cara Alwill Leyba

This isn’t so much about blogging but sticking at things, business, life, etc. A really great read for women wanting to start a business or take control of their own destiny and keeping at it. And not to forget the power of women.

3.Career Girl DailyWebsite and book – Ultimate Blog Plan

I came across CGD via Blog Lovin and loved some of their posts,  I then registered for their newsletter. I have attended the Career girl masterclass which was a brilliant way to spend a Sunday and not only spend time with a room full of dedicated women, but also listen to them too. CGD’s Ultimate Blog plan really makes you think about all areas of your blog or business and set it out on paper.

4. She Means BusinessAudio Book by Carrie Green

I have read Carrie’s book and listened to the Audio book and although they may both be the same thing to you, listening to Carrie’s bubbly personality really made me want to get out there and do the things she suggests.  I have already started my “Dreams” Jar.

5. 365 Blog Post IdeasBook by Dana Fox

A book full of 365 ideas of what to blog about, whats not to love. #Noexcuses

6. Capture your styleBook by Aimee Song

A beautiful book and so is Aimee Song, not so much about blogging itself but a really great book about your style and branding for social media, and building a strong personal brand with authenticity and photography.

7. Interior Blog AwardsWebsite

This is a really inspiring website, lots of people already blogging about Interiors and winning awards for it. Register for their newsletter and get other tips and tricks on Blogging and sticking at it. This site isn’t only for bloggers interested in Interiors but obviously heavily biased.

8. NoBS BloggingWebsite

I love people who tell it as it is and Rahul does exactly that here. If you can handle the truth Rahaul gives some great tips about blogging with no BS.

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I am 44 and trying to grow old gracefully with or without grey. I am allergic to henna tattoos, hairdye and now black bras……

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