Great books to read to embrace your 40’s and beyond.

Here are a few books I have been reading to help embrace my 40’s and the changes happening to my body. I hope they help you too.

Anne Kreamer – Going Gray – How to embrace your authentic self with grace and style

India Knights – In Your Prime – Older, Wiser, Happier

Miranda Sawyer – Out of Time – Midlife if you still think you are young

Nora Ephron – I feel bad about my neck: and other thoughts on being a women

Christa D’Souza – The Hot Topic: A life changing look at the change of life.

Stylist magazine – Life Lesson’s from remarkable women 

Some of my favourite writers and journalists are among the authors of the above books. India Knights writes regularly for the Sunday Times and other magazines on Mid-life style & beauty. One of my favourites quotes in her book says with regards to exercise after 40. “Its either your arse or your face” you choose which one is more important.

There are affiliate links to the books.


Published by growingoldgreyfully

I am 44 and trying to grow old gracefully with or without grey. I am allergic to henna tattoos, hairdye and now black bras……

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