Rubbish London Brand ♻️

Behind the small business

I found this brand @rubbishlondonbrand when I won a competition via @astridiwantyouinmylife on Instagram.

I was so pleased I had won a jumper with lips on and then I found out so much more about the business. I have been so grateful recently to the ladies that have said yes to a video chat and now I am so grateful to Matt too. He is thoughtful, hardworking, talented, a CEO, a designer, a challenger, a wrapper, packer and all round great person that produces sustainable clothing for people who want to help change the world. Forgive our hair, our lighting and timing, it was the hottest day, we hadn’t had our hair done and had been stuck in muggy cities for weeks. Through our chat I realised just how epic Matt is he launched his business just 10 days before Lock down….

Thanks as always for watching, I only hope I’ve done Matt and his brand justice.

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I am 44 and trying to grow old gracefully with or without grey. I am allergic to henna tattoos, hairdye and now black bras……

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